We will conduct the theory classes before starting practical / on road driving session.

Basics of Driving School:

  • Accelerator - functionality
  • Brake -- use of brake
  • Clutch -- functions of clutch

Types of Signs:

  • Mandatory Signs
  • Cautionary Signs
  • Informatory Signs

Our Training:

  • We are giving an individual attention to all the students.
  • Providing seperate vehicle for ladies and gents.
  • Our qualified and experienced instructors will guide you.
  • Our instructor will guide you to make safe driving and to the best MOTORIST.
  • Our Classroom Exercises & simulator drills will Speed up Your driving training programe.






Level1 Steering Balance

  • On road driving (initially we will teach steering control) Left Short Turn, Right Turn and Long Turn Maintaining Track/Lane according to the speed.

Level2 Gears

  • Concentrate on the road while changing the Gear You should not see the gear lever while driving Using the gear according to the speed (1 to 5).

Level3 Clutch

  • The clutch is used only at the time of moving the vehicle, changing the gear and slowing/stopping the car. We will teach how to use the half-clutch and its benefits.

Level4 Reverse Gear

  • While learning Reverse Gear, you should know how to use a clutch In reverse gear, we will teach left reverse, right Rear view mirrors and parallel parking.

Level5 Simulator Classes

  • Simulator mechanism is based on 3D effect In this Stimulator, you can see how training progress going on How to drive in different climatic conditions like rainy season Driving in different road conditions such as ghat section, slope direction, city driving, speed breakers, etc. Clutch movement, steep accent, steep decent, fine driving, etc.

Level6 Mechanism

  • Tips if the car brake down In mechanism we will teach how to change the Stepney Which tools you have to use? How to check the oil level, coolant, distilled water and basic check up of vehicle.

Drive Safely